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Welcome to ERS Genomics’ CRISPR/Cas9 Licensing Platform

Accessing cutting-edge genetic research tools shouldn’t be an uphill battle for startups. That’s why ERS Genomics, armed with the pioneering patent rights of Nobel Laureate Emmanuelle Charpentier, aims to simplify and expedite the process of acquiring CRISPR/Cas9 licenses. Our platform is designed to offer startups affordable and swift access to this groundbreaking technology for internal research purposes.



Facilitating Access to Genetic Innovation

We understand the challenges startups face when it comes to adopting transformative technologies. Our click license platform ensures startups can swiftly obtain CRISPR/Cas9 licenses at a fixed yearly fee, enabling immediate access to fundamental patent rights. By simplifying the licensing procedure, we eliminate unnecessary barriers, allowing startups to explore the potential of CRISPR/Cas9 without complex bureaucratic hurdles.




For startups keen on delving into genetic innovation, our program offers an accessible pathway. The program provides access to CRISPR/Cas9 licensing at a yearly fee of $15,000, ensuring startups can explore the potential of this revolutionary technology without financial strain or prolonged delays.




Eligibility Confirmation

Application Eligibility Criteria:
The following criteria serve as foundational requisites for determining the eligibility of a Start-Up entity seeking a license:

  1. Size of the Start-Up:
    The Start-Up should employ fewer than 15 individuals on a full-time basis.
  2. Funding Limitation:
    The Start-Up's total funding should not exceed $5,000,000 in financial resources.
  3. Utilization of CRISPR:
    The Start-Up either currently utilizes CRISPR technology or has explicit intentions to incorporate CRISPR within its operations.
  4. Non-Commercialization of CRISPR:
    The Start-Up must not engage in the commercialization of CRISPR technology at the present moment. This extends to the development, production, or provision of any products or services directly related to CRISPR.
  5. Comprehensive Qualification:
    Should the Start-Up affirmatively answer all the aforementioned questions, it shall be deemed qualified for consideration under the outlined eligibility criteria.

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