ERs Genomics and axxam announce crispr/cas9 license agreement to enhance discovery services 

DUBLIN, Ireland, and MILAN, Italy, 2nd April 2020: ERS Genomics Limited (“ERS Genomics”), which was formed to provide broad access to the foundational CRISPR-Cas9 intellectual property co-owned by Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier, and Axxam S.p.A. (“Axxam”), a leading discovery biology company, today announced the signing of a license agreement granting Axxam access to ERS Genomics' CRISPR-Cas9 patent portfolio, to support Axxam's integrated discovery service platform.

 The application of the CRISPR-Cas9 platform is an important addition to Axxam’s range of innovative approaches for development of highly-customized cell-based assays for relevant target classes and molecular pathways. The genome editing technology will be used to activate or inactivate genes of interest, to precisely insert tags to measure protein degradation or translocation, and to insert genetically encoded sensors in specified genomic locations. The platform will applied across Axxam’s integrated discovery services, in fields such as pharmaceuticals, crop protection, animal health, and food and beverages.

 "We are proud to add Axxam to our growing list of partners applying CRISPR-Cas9 technology to their service offerings,“ said Eric Rhodes, CEO of ERS Genomics. “Axxam's discovery services cover a wide array of fields and we look forward to seeing how its use of CRISPR-Cas9 impacts these areas."

Innovation is our key driver and guides us in the constant aim to significantly improve the discovery efforts of our clients and partners," said Stefan Lohmer, CEO of Axxam. "Having access to one of the most important breakthrough gene editing technologies developed in recent years is a precious resource that will allow us, even more than before, to provide high-quality discovery services to the life science industries."

Financial details of the agreement are not disclosed

About ERS Genomics    ERS Genomics is a biotechnology company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company was formed to provide broad access to the foundational CRISPR/Cas9 intellectual property held by Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier. Non-exclusive licenses are available for research and sale of products and services across multiple fields including: research tools, kits, reagents; discovery of novel targets for therapeutic intervention; cell lines for discovery and screening of novel drug candidates; GMP production of healthcare products; companion animal and livestock health; production of industrial materials such as enzymes, biofuels and chemicals; and synthetic biology. For additional information please visit 

About Axxam  Axxam is a privately owned iPRO (innovative Partner Research Organization) discovery company located at the Science Park OpenZone in Bresso (Milan, Italy). The company is a leading provider of discovery services for the entire life sciences industries as: pharmaceutical, crop protection, animal health, cosmetics and nutrition. Axxam has a strong expertise across a broad range of discovery disciplines and innovative technologies, including: assay development, compound management, HTS, hit identification and hit validation. Axxam is also engaged in developing novel innovative therapies for diseases with a high unmet medical need. For more information, please visit